Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obama legacy strike: a lesson for you..

I guess everybody knows it by now on the epic success by Obama and his team. Here are some winning formula which we could learn.

Here are some of the ingredients of Obama's success:
• He belongs to the generation that knows how to use technology to reach, then captivate, people at the grass roots level, yielding both campaign financing and votes.
• His message around change rang true; his rhetoric and body language conveyed sincerity.
• He kept his cool during false charges and vitriolic attacks by John McCain and Sarah Palin.
• His message attracted the attention of thousands of new voters--people who had never voted before and the country's youngest voters.
• His Afro-American background, instead of being a handicap, signaled change to everyone who saw him. A win by Obama would make history just by virtue of his racial mixture. Symbolically, the barriers that one important change would knock down could lead to other kinds of change.
• He made a winning case for good judgment, showing that it need not come from decades of experience and can be more valuable than multiple terms in the political arena.

Well..I hope all Malaysian politicians have their brains working like the one mentioned above..

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